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Electronic PCB Assembly

1. Having 2 SMT lines.

2. Capable for Running 2 shifts.

SMT Facility/Capability


Our capabilities to process different components of different size in our Production line.

S.No. Item Size
1 Smallest SMT component 0603mm(0201 Inch)
2 Largest SMT IC component 42mm x 42mm, 16 mils
3 Thinnest SMT chip component 0.3mm
4 Thinnest SMT IC component 1.0mm
5 Thickest SMT chip component 12mm
6 Thickest SMT IC component 5.0mm
7 Thinnest PCB board 0.8mm
8 Thickest PCB board 4.0mm
9 Finest QFP pitch 0.4mm
10 BGA (plastics) 421 Balls
11 BGA (ceramics) 303 Balls
12 Materials FR2, FR4, FR5, FR10
13 PCA Size Range from 50X50 To 457X356 mm
14 Trace Width 8×8 mils, 6×6 mils, 4×4 mils
15 Pad Solder mask defined & non-solder mask defined
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